Five foundation poses every couple needs to know to take perfect pictures.


Having the perfect engagement pictures is on everybody’s to-do list. We all want to ensure we have our best side taken, even if we feel shy, nervous, or uncomfortable with the camera. If only there were some hack we could use to break the ice, get comfortable, and give those beautiful natural poses. There is, and it's called foundation poses. 

What is a foundation pose?

A foundation pose is the manner in which we place our feet, chest, and shoulders while taking a picture. The pose lays the foundation for every other posture you can come up with. Think of them as the ABC of posing. There are about five basic foundation poses.

What are the five basic foundation poses?


  The five basic foundation poses are:

  • V-up(hinge) pose.
  • Open pose.
  • Close pose.
  • The stacked pose.
  • The reversed pose.

 V-up(hinge) pose: 

The V-up has the couples in a 45-degree position.  Their shoulders are touching each other, and their feet are slightly facing each other. The alignment of their body together makes a V shape.  Remember when you slightly opened your door with the hock still locked? That’s a V-up from the position of the door hinge. It's super helpful to imagine your shoulders are the door's hinge. 

What you want to watch out for is the hand and feet placements while doing this pose. You want to ensure they pass the same messages with your shoulders. Just don’t leave them awkwardly in the air. 

 The guy could pocket his right hand while placing the left hand on the lady’s waist. The lady could place her right hand on her hips. A slight variation in the hands and feet placement would create other poses.  You are sure to have beautiful pictures with this framework. 

Open pose:

The couple is directly facing the photographer.  Their feet, chest, and shoulders are in a 180-degree position to the camera. It's the V-up pose when the door is fully opened. 

It’s the best framework to showcase their beautiful outfit. It gives a lot of other poses, such as holdings hands while standing still or taking a walk. The pictures that come out of these poses can be breathtaking.

Close pose: 

This pose is done by having the couples face each other with their feet, chest, and shoulders. It is one of my favourite poses. It gives so much chemistry—an excellent pose for those pictures that look like a kiss is about to happen.

The stacked pose:

This is a bear hug from behind waiting to happen. You have one partner stand behind the other with their feet stacked together.  With this framework, you can get a gorgeous piggyback pose, whispering in their ears, or a simple hug.

The reversed pose:

One partner looks away from the camera while the other looks at it. We are usually working with their feet, chest, and shoulders.

The foundation poses aim to get the couple so comfortable with the camera. They forget it's there.