Your wedding is a day you will truly never forget and capturing the memories to look back on for years to come is the perfect keepsake. Wedding photos are the perfect keepsake to reflect back on to keep the memories alive and share them with friends and family for years to come. When it comes to wedding photography, getting flattering photos can be challenging but we have created a guide to help you get the best shots on your wedding day. 

Whether it’s the first look picture, kisses, or group photos it’s important to keep the following in mind to get the best possible outcome for each of these shots. 


When it comes to getting great wedding photos, good posture can make all the difference. Start practicing before your wedding to effortlessly achieve a polished and elegant look for your photos. To get great wedding shots, you should try the following:

  • Stand up straight - Stay relaxed but keep your spine straight and pull your shoulders back to avoid slouching. 

  • Engage your core - Keep your core muscles activated by pulling your belly button towards your spine to maintain good posture during snaps.

  • Chin position - By keeping your neck straight and your chin level or slightly lifted, your neck will appear elongated and prevent any accidental dreaded double chin pictures. 

  • Arm position - Keep your arms relaxed and lifted off the sides of your body to make them appear toned and sleek. When your arms lay along your sides, they appear larger. 


Knowing your best angles can help you feel more comfortable when heading into your wedding photoshoot. 

  • Face angles - Keeping your head slightly forward with a slight tilt can accentuate your jawline.

  • Shift your weight - Keeping your feet slightly staggered and placing the weight on your back leg can create a flattering curve of your body. Be mindful to not lean back. 

  • Lean forward - By leaning towards the camera from your waist, you can instantly slim your body and create the illusion of a narrower waist and hips. 

  • Angle your body - Instead of facing the camera directly, position yourself at a 45-. angle to one side.


Posing for your wedding day will come more naturally if you practice a little beforehand.

Take pictures on a timer - If you don’t have a friend around, you can set up your phone to snap pictures or videos of you doing different poses. Analyze them and see if there are any particular poses that you absolutely love. 

Get moving - Candid shots will be a part of the wedding day, not everything can be rehearsed. Play around with moving your body in the shoes you are wearing. Take screenshots of the poses you love the most and try to recreate them.

Expressions - Play around with different expressions with your smile and eyes. Forced smiles are obvious so think of something funny or that makes you smile so it appears natural. Smile with and without teeth. Lock your eyes with the camera and try different looks to see how they appear. 

Final Thoughts

It may seem like there is a lot to remember to get the perfect pose but just relax, remember to breathe, and practice! Following our guide will help you achieve dream shots that will leave you with a wedding album of you looking stunning on your big day.