Love is a beautiful thing, and getting engaged is exciting. You have a lot of things decisions to make. Which can feel overwhelming. Having the right tips on how to dress for your engagement shoot would help make those decisions easier. It would literally be a lifesaver. 

Here are a few tips on how to dress for an engagement shoot:

1, Be yourself.

2. Avoid matching outfits and colors. 

3, Show up like you attending the same party.

4. Be timeless

Be yourself.

As simple as that sounds, it's extremely important. Your confidence can be affected by how comfortable or uncomfortable you feel in your dress. We suggest you do not wear something outside your comfort zone.

 It's okay to experiment with new styles for your engagement shoot if that’s what you want. You should have tried them on before the engagement photo session, and make sure you feel comfortable in them. If you are someone that enjoys dressing simple and not too sophisticated, then you should keep your dressing simple. The goal is to be comfortable while looking your best. 

Two is always a great number to start when deciding to choose how many outfits to wear for the engagement photo sessions. You could have something like- one formal outfit and the other casual.  

Avoid matching outfits and colors.

Matching outfits are so cute with one completing each other sentences. It is always a breathtaking experience to see couples in matching outfits taking that causal walk in the park. 

However, for an engagement photo session, you should dress to complement each other. Using colors that complement each other would make the picture more lively and lovely. 

Aviod bright colors like neons, as they attend to take attention away from your face to themselves.

Show up like you attending the same party. 

What does a hollowing party, Cocktail party, Masquerade party, and every other party have in common? They all have slightly different dress codes. It is important to make sure you dress like you attending the same occasion as your partner. It would be a bit awkward if you dress up like it’s the 90’s while your partner is dressing more modern. 

Take out time to discuss what you would like to put on for your engagement photo session with your partner. You should also get to the location on time. Going late would only increase your stress and it could be difficult to get calm and relaxed.

Be timeless.

The idea is you want your engagement pictures to not be easily dated just by looking at them. You should avoid trends in general while picking your timeless outfits. 

As a guy, if you want to wear sneakers, make sure it's on the right outfit. Dress shoes would always be more timeless on a suit than sneakers or running shoes. 

While as a lady short dress would make you look a bit stiff. You also want to get your nails done as a lot of pictures would want to highlight the ring. It's equally important you get a good hair cut few days before photo sessions as a guy. 

Most importantly be yourself and remember the camera just want to catch that natural magic that is between both of you. Trust me, it would turn out perfectly.